I am a graphic designer and artist from Vienna.

As long as I can remember, I was enthusiastic about drawing and painting. Even in school I was more busy with drawing than I was with participating in the lesson. This is why I decided to quit school and to find a job. This time was filled with ups and downs. I tried and gianed experienced in a lot of different fields, but nothing was as fascinating to me as art and drawing.

2011 I developed a style which can be seen through all of my artworks. This resulted in a design which I use for lamps, clothing and all kind of other objects and paintings.

2014/2015 I continued my education about graphic design at the 'Werbeakademie'and completed it with a diploma.

Today I publish my creations and drawings within the scope of 'Jungwirth Arts'. On request, I can create personalized and unique artworks. This can be anything from a painting to redesigning a furniture. I also do logos, flyers and more for companies or special events.

I hope I familiarized you with 'Jungwirth Arts' and I would look forward to a new order and with that a new challenge.

Best regards!
Philipp Jungwirth
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